Saturday, April 14, 2012

There's MORE!

He grabbed the menu and held it closer to his face. “You mean root beer floats are included in the bottomless drinks?!” The waitress, order pad in hand, assured him that his most beloved beverage was indeed one of the menu offerings that came with free refills. Looking sadly at the glass of plain root beer already sitting before him, he said, “Could I…maybe upgrade this… to a float?” The waitress laughed and nodded, and he sat back in his chair with a smile, his day made. Minutes later she placed a frosty glass in front of him. As she walked away, she looked back over her shoulder, and with a smile and a wink promised, “There’s more!”

I don’t know how many floats my son consumed during the course of the family get together held at a local restaurant. I just know they kept coming, as did the jokes and the laughter and the stories told around the table.

Maybe at the halfway point in the A to Z Challenge today you feel the same way; the letters just keep coming! You finally eek out a post on the letter “I”, only to see J, K and L hovering around the bend, and hear a gleeful chuckle in the co-hosts encouraging comments that can only be translated, “There’s more!”

More work, to be sure. More nights cut short too soon, more blank stares at equally blank computer screens. More thoughts to post, blogs to visit, new friends to meet, comments to leave. And oh, so much more joy!

Are you hooked yet? It’s said that an action repeated for 30 days straight becomes a habit. And perhaps that’s the point of the Challenge in the first place, to see if after a month’s time the blogging experience is found to be too enjoyable to quit! April’s halfway over already, but May, June and July are waiting expectantly in the wings. If this was great fun, guess what? There’s more!

Perhaps God offers us a similar challenge and is waiting to see if we’ll give Him a try. If we doggedly sought His presence as determinedly as we’re dedicated to finishing this Challenge, would we notice a difference in our lives? We should know ahead of time that it won’t be easy. Consistently setting aside a time slot is a challenge in itself, and you’ll be bombarded by temptations of various kinds to quit. You’ll be too tired or too busy or even confused as to how to start. But if you persist…you’ll find that you are hooked, that your mind continually wanders back to Him much as right now it dwells on the next post for the next letter, and that you’re listening for His next word much as you now check for comments on what you‘ve written. You may find that your life is simply blessed beyond your greatest expectations. And guess what? There’s more!

If you’re living a root beer existence today, God promises with a wink and a smile that you can upgrade your future to floats…without end!

“O taste and see that the Lord is good…”
(Psalm 34:8 KJV)


  1. Lovely post. It takes some skill to tie endless root beer floats to God. I couldn't agree more, if we sought God as diligently as we seek to write quality blog posts, our lives could change in amazing ways.

  2. Another terrific post, Lanie, with a great message. Loved it.


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